Live Action to Anime

Many famous animes become life action film. As a matter of fact, one is currently a hot topic for its choice of the cast; Death Note. It occurred to me that I’ve never seen a popular live action movie become an animation.

Death Note is a popular anime that has become a live action movie in Japan and is about to become a live action TV show on Netflix in America. This along with hundreds of other shows like Ghost in the Shell have made their way to the live action screen. There’s so many that there is a wiki page dedicated to listing all of them:

Now, why is it that it’s not the other way around? I personally don’t quite know the answer to that question. I tried to find some theories online, however, I can’t seem to find anything of the sort. I only get results on why live action films don’t live up to the anime that they came from.

It would be interesting to hear other’s thoughts or ideas as to why this is the case.

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