Anime into Live Action

in pass several years, we can see more and more Anime turned into Live action movies, Like ghost in the shell, Gintama, and Black Butler and so on. Why people want to turn Animation into really person movies? I think because movie maker saw the huge opportunity behind it.

For example, in most recently live action movie is the Ghost in the Shell. The movie Ghost in the Sell was released on March, 2017. It is directed by Rupert Sander and starred by a famous American actress Scarlett  Joanhanson. When this movie came out there was a huge debt for this movie. People have mix comments toward to Ghost in the Shell. People respond very positive toward to visual effect, fancy future setting flute actions and wonderful music. But people also criticized the development of each characters is lacking and the story line is not well thought through. Even this movie have mix reviews, this movie “has grossed $40.4 million in the United States and Canada and $128.3 million in other territories for a worldwide gross of $168.7 million, against a production budget of $110 million. ” It is a success from the commercial side, people who never know the anime Ghost in the Shell will have interest to read more about it, I definitely believe Ghost in the shell will gain a lot of fans after the movie.

In my opinion, Turn Anime or Manga into Live Action movie can be a risky. With no doubt, those types of movie have a large fan base before the movie was released and there will be certain amount of fans come to see those movies. Those movies can be easily successful because of the fan base that already exited before. However, fan base can set up success for movies. they still can turn into tragic. If the movie story have huge and unreasonable difference between Anime, fans will be disappointed and they will not go to theater to see the movie. Like the live action movie for Black Butler, I was a big fan of the Anime, but the movie changed the main male character into female character and the story line is lacking of logic. I was really upset about it and I left the theater before the movie ended.

Ghost in the Shell

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