Hollywood movies and Anime

After 1940s, Anime bloomed in Post-war Japan. You can see people express their feelings toward to war and social changes in Animation. From the beginning of Japanese Anime, there were a lot of inspiration from American Disney movies, Like the famous Anime series, Astro  Boys. But with Japanese culture expand to the whole world in modern days, Japanese Anime started to have huge influence on American culture as well. So in this blog, I want to talk about those Hollywood movies that influenced by Japanese Anime.

The first movie I want to talk about is the famous Disney movie ” Lion king”. You can see this movie was taking inspiration right from Kimba the White Lion. The White Lion was created by Osamu Tezuka during 1950s and it came broadcast  and Animated into TV series during 1960s. In the video, there are a lot of similarities between those two Anime. In Lion King, there are a lot of scenes look like exactly the same in White King.

Simba vs Kimba

There is another movie that have taken influence by Japanese Animation. The famous movie Inspection In 2010 was taking idea from Paprika. I saw both movies before and I do not realized there are some similar ideas between those two  until recent. In both Inspection and Paprika there are some high technology machines to help people to walk into other peoples’ dreams and the ability to go through different spaces into some secret doors or windows or drawings. They both have this fancy feelings toward to dreams. I do think they share similar ideas about dreams but their emotions or colors are completely different. In Paprika, there is a crazy colorful feelings but in Inspection, it is more darker and sad.

In the video, People use lines in Inception and combined it with Paprika scenes.

Paprika’s Inception

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