Voice acting in Japanese Anime

There will be not successful Anime without good voice acting actors. Voice acting in Japan provide voices in Anime, movies that not in Japanese and Anime. Also Japan has the biggest voice acting industry in the whole world.

Voice acting started with broadcast and during 1980s television started to spread out to every family. Voice acting for Japanese Anime also started to rise during the same era.  in nowadays, people started to love voice acting more and more and voice actors  become superstars or idols. They have a lot of fans became the characters. It is totally different from Chinese voice acting, because in China, Voice actors usually stay behind the scene, nobody really knows them. But in Japan, voice actors are very popular. Some of them have large fan base and they have concerts because of their popularity.  They even to start write their own books about being voice acting actors or actresses.

Voice acting is super amazing in my opinion. Some voice actors or actresses can be very variable. For example, the voice acting for Naruto is actually a female actress. But when you are watching Naruto, you really can not tell the voice of Naruto is came from a female actress.  The reason why voice acting actor can be really popular in Japan, I think is because the characters they voiced behind the scene. Because People love those characters so they falling love with voice acting behind them as well.

Behind the Scene of One Piece

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