Moe in Anime

The term “Moe” is a very interesting topic to talk about. Nowadays you can see a lot of “Moe” elements in Anime, video games in TV shows in Japan. Moe means a slang for people when they have devotion, adoration,  and attraction toward to the characters in Anime, manga or Video games. Those characters are usually young females. they have big eyes, sweet and soft voice and taller height than normal people. In other words, Moe always describe cute little girls. The concept of Moe came to China and become very popular. The kanji “萌” for Moe also root deeply in Chinese pop culture as well. But I think the Japanese term of Moe is a little different than Chinese meaning of Moe.

I researched on the Moe and I am surprisingly found out the term of Moe can be sexual attraction to some people. So saying Moe can be sexual attraction to those beautiful and young girls. I read about the criticism online point out the Moe concept is the sick attraction toward to children. But Some people also argue that Moe is love toward to lovely girls but not lust. I agree on this idea, because when I say someone or something is Moe, I means pure like toward to them but not lust.

Another interesting thing about Moe is they have a contest about Moe characters. There is a contest that held by 2channels every year since 2002. People would vote their favorite character in Anime and people are very excited about. This concept of Moe became more and more popular not only in Anime culture but also in real world.

One thought on “Moe in Anime

  1. The word “moe” kinda transformed over the years. I think it came from a VN first, where you get to sex girls, and it eventually evolve into something different.When it got into manga and anime, the “I want to protect” term eventually sticks. I love how slang evolves, since it’s a sign human evolves too. Up or down, well, that’s a different matter. Haha


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